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As we come closer to Christmas, Loro Parque has celebrated its 46th anniversary this Monday December 17, concluding a record year in which it has been crowned as the best zoo in the world – by winning the Travellers’ Choice award from TripAdvisor for the second consecutive year – and has celebrated not one, as is tradition, but two grand inaugurations.

Loro Parque started along its path in 1972 with only 25 people, 150 parrots and an area of 13,000 square metres. From that time to today, and after a trajectory containing many challenges, the Parque has become one of the most respected zoological institutions in the world, for its beauty, the excellence of its facilities and absolute respect for nature.

The best zoo in the world

After 46 years of intense work and continuous growth, Loro Parque has managed to win the Travellers’ Choice award for two consecutive years, 2017 and 2018, which ranks it as the best zoo in the world. Independent assessments by users of the TripAdvisor travel portal have resulted in an award that recognises the wide range of species exhibits, as well as their important work in awareness-raising, education and scientific research. Since its opening in 1972, almost 50 million visitors have visited its facilities and Loro Parque considers this award as recognition of its 46 years dedicated to the protection and conservation of nature.

2018’s great inaugurations

This year, Loro Parque has welcomed two new species, the Pygmy Hippos and the Ringed-Tail Lemurs, which are in danger of extinction and which act, in their installations, as representatives of their peers in nature. In addition, we have inaugurated the Zen Garden, a landscape aquarium unique in the world, whose main protagonist is the balance between flora and fauna that coexist in its interior, and evokes the beauty of the perfect balance inherent in the planet’s ecosystems, which unfortunately is being lost in the natural environment.

Commitment to the environment
With the aim of actively contributing to the protection of the environment, this year Loro Parque has implemented a strategy of eliminating single-use plastic in all its facilities, managing to eliminate it almost entirely. In fact, among other measures, the Parque has replaced single-use plastic water bottles with biodegradable and compostable ones, making it one of the pioneering European zoos in taking a decision of this magnitude and ceasing to generate single-use plastic bottles as waste.

Loro Parque Baby Boom

This year, as usual, a baby boom has taken place in Loro Parque, showing ample proof of the welfare of all its animals. This authentic animal embassy welcomed with great joy the young of Penguins, Sea Lions, Black Swans, Scarlet Ibis, Rays, Zebra Sharks and Gray Sharks, Titis, Jellyfish … and, naturally, as the largest reserve of parrots in the world, numerous Parrots. Very special was the arrival to the family of Loro Parque of Garoé, a baby Chimpanzee, and, of course, Morgan’s baby, who is in excellent health in the facilities of Orca Ocean and is growing healthy and strong.

Successful record

Throughout its 46 years of history, the Loro Parque Company has achieved numerous recognitions, amongst which are the Plaque and Gold Medal for Tourist Merit awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Gold Medals from the Government of the Canary Islands, the city of Puerto de La Cruz and the Island Council of Tenerife, among other awards. Loro Parque is also the only company in the Canary Islands to have won the Prince Felipe Award for Business Excellence.

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