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Loro Parque has inaugurated today, Tuesday September 25, the new facilities for the Pygmy Hippos, in an act that was attended by the President of Loro Parque Wolfgang Kiessling, Tenerife’s Tourism Councillor Alberto Bernabé, and the Mayor of Puerto de La Cruz Lope Afonso, among other authorities. These new members of the Parque’s family, two females arriving directly from Germany and the Czech Republic, now live together in a naturalised facility specially designed for them.

Nearly a thousand people, including political and civil authorities and representatives of the business sector, as well as attendees of the IX Parrot Congress organised by the Loro Parque Foundation, which takes place this week and has hosted on the island more than 800 participants from over 40 different nationalities, have been able to contemplate this new exhibition in which Adela and Malela, as the Hippos are called, act as representatives of their fellows in nature, who face serious problems, especially the destruction of their habitat.

Loro Parque has designed an unparalleled naturalised space for the newcomer Pygmy Hippos, whose new home is perfectly adapted to the needs of their species. The installation has floor heating and a complete water filtration system, an essential element for these animals, who need to keep their bodies hydrated and at an adequate temperature. Thus, the exhibition recreates a marshy, humid and leafy area, similar to the dense African lowland forests of which this species is native, and which usually always live around the banks of a river.

Visitors to the Park can now observe their daily activity in detail thanks to a large window that shows these charismatic hippos in their maximum splendour. Although this species is characterised by its shyness and nocturnal habits, the design of the facility allows us to know them better and become more aware of the need to protect them.

As an endangered species according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the role of wildlife conservation centres such as Loro Parque is essential to make their situation visible and to make visitors aware of the importance of protecting them to avoid their disappearance.

So, after the grand opening of the Zen Garden just a few months ago – a submerged garden unique on the planet – and after receiving the recent recognition of TripAdvisor as the best zoo in the world for the second year in a row, Loro Parque is once again bringing new surprises for those who appreciate its great commitment to wildlife in all its beauty and diversity.

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